Art is my heritage. I credit my grandfather, a muralist who painted stations for the Cuban railroad in the 1950's, for instilling a love of art. I was raised in southern Cuba amidst tools, heavy machinery, and art supplies. My father was a welder at the local mill and my mother owned a garage that serviced trucks and buses. Fascination with machines, people working, and paintbrushes were an integral part of my childhood. Although formally trained as a school psychologist and educator, my aspirations remained focused on art and photography.


My credentials led me to a school psychologist position in Saudi Arabia where I met Jim Doran, a veteran National Geographic photographer who nurtured and refined my visual skills. When I founded Ernesto Rodriguez Photography in 1988, creating images for industry seemed like a natural fit. The genius behind machines and the people who work them continue to be a source of inspiration. Working for clients in oil & gas, maritime, construction, and transportation industries has fused my interests in art, people and machines.


The style I developed with Polaroid SX70 in 1992 created a demand for posters and prints. Publishing contracts with Winn Devon and Grand Image launched my career as a fine artist. Work is currently on exhibit in the Smithsonian, the curator's collection in MOMA New York, galleries nationwide, and available for purchase through New Era Publishing.


Photography has brought me full circle with my education. While working on an annual report in the Netherlands, the Dean of Students at Webster University in Amsterdam approached me to teach a workshop. As a summer adjunct professor between 1998 and 2006, I created and taught “Digital Impressionism, The Fusion of Art and Photography”. In 2002, after visiting a friend in the hospital and reading about the therapeutic benefits linked to viewing nature, I founded Sereneview to print healing landscape images on hospital curtains.

All photographs © Ernesto Rodriguez, All rights reserved.